back to my "Light and Vision" roots

Hi everyone!

While in 'stay at home and don't work because I'm non essential' mode for 3 months I have had time for some self reflection which of course includes my business.

Light and Vision Photography is my original business established in 1991. Get it? My name...Louise Allison need Light and Vision to create photographs! My husband actually came up with the name! I've gone through many logos and phases in my 29 year career so far. Five years ago I consulted with marketing professionals and decided to try splitting my passion for fine art portraits into a new brand, Vessey Studio. While it was a great idea, the maintenance of two websites, facebook pages, twitter, instagram, and invoicing/ accounting has become more work than the benefit. So I have decided to keep all my services together under the Light and Vision umbrella. This Vessey Studio site will remain until August during the transition.

Hope to see you there, CLICK HERE to check it out! Thank you so much for your interest!

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