Lucky Auction Winners

I'm asked quite often by companies and individuals to donate items to auctions and am happy to whenever I can! This particular situation was for a friend of a bride of mine (who is now a friend!). This lovely young mom was traveling back in 2010 and was bitten by a tick had unknowingly contracted Lyme Disease. She had become very ill and it took time to discover what was causing her ailments. After they discovered it was Lyme Disease, the only treatment that could be administered is far away from home. This treatment was not covered by our medical system so the family had to fund it as well as the travel cost. So friends and family all pulled to gether to help with fundraising!

I was happy to provide a studio session framed portrait for this lucky young family who won the item at the fundraiser. This little boy was so full of energy and fun! After the session I received this comment in an email...

"At the end of each day, I always ask E what his favourite moments were... and Saturday night, you made the list! (The sleigh ride was first, your photo shoot was second, the birthday party third!) I think he loved that you let him be silly and there weren't too many rules! LOL. I appreciate how great you are with children. It makes such a difference."

I was pretty flattered to be up there in his favourite moments of the day! I'm also happy to report that the family in need have received enough donations for the treatment which she is receiving now!

Until next time, which I promise won't be too long as I have pledged to blog regularly!


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