Cayla and Tomas

Just one month and a day ago, Cayla and Tomas got hitched! It was such a relaxed, low stress day, just as Cayla wanted! Despite the fact it was raining a half hour before the outdoor ceremony was to take place, there was a sense of calm, peace, and happiness from the beginning to the end of the day!

Cayla is from Georgetown, PEI and Tomas is from the Czech Republic. He came to Canada to persue hockey at the age of 17. The two met at UPEI. She was a Teacher's Assistant who graded an assignment of Tomas' too harshly (in his mind) so he headed over to give this TA (a beautiful, tiny young woman) a piece of his mind.....well the rest is history!

The wedding took place at the Georgetown Highlands. Such a magical place. I had a family session near Georgetown a few days prior so I scouted out some fun locations for photos. We got SO incredibly lucky with the weather which was extremely hot, humid, with sporadic bouts of torrential rain. The timing just worked out perfectly.

Fast forward to today when I have sent out her approved, completed album design to the company in Italy for production. They should be enjoying it come Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends.

It sounds so cliche but it really is a privilege to be allowed into people's lives to take part in and document special occasions such as this one with Cayla, Tomas, and their friends and families.

Ok enough chit chat, here's the designed album layout.

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