Lovely Little Lady

I often get asked what my favourite kind of photography is. While I truly enjoy most kinds of portraiture, if I was forced to ONLY photograph children between the ages of four and six I would be quite happy.

I feel passionate that every child deserves a special portrait of themselves hung proudly at this stage. They have left the toddler years, but are still young and innocent, plus they haven't started losing teeth yet!

You may notice that I prefer the emotive expression to the cheesy grins (although I always photograph both!).

This special little lady was brought in by her visiting grandmother as a surprise for her mom. She was a little akward at first with lots of silly faces but after a while she relaxed while we chatted with her and we got some natural and beautiful expressions.

Here she is smiley :)

My parents took me to a professional studio when I was three (like 45 years ago yikes!). This is one of my favourite photos of me as a little girl! Thanks Mom and Dad!

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