I'm a big sister!

There's nothing quite life changing as a new baby entering the picture. This little girl is such a spirited 18 month old who is now a big sis to a baby brother. He is just 6 weeks old in these photos.

In my experience these two ages can be quite a challenge to capture on their own, let alone together. But with a lot of tricks, patience, games, breaks and a fast focusing camera I think we did ok!


Bright eyed baby boy laying on a special quilt.


Can you tell she's full of spunk? What a sweet girl!


This moment came and went within a milisecond! Whew!


Time to take a break to look out at the kitties who were banished from the studio for obvious reasons.


Oh, hi little brother, you're pretty cute!



Sweet baby boy was happy through the entire session so we could concentrate on wrangling his big sis :)

They sure don't stay this little for long!

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