Little ladies creative shoot!

So it's been a long snowy winter. I decided I wanted to be creative have some fun and practice lighting, posing, and other portrait techniques. I have collaborated in the past with my good friend, hair dresser extraordinairre, Sharon Keller from Bounce Studio as well as other passionate professionals and it is always fun to work with other creatives!

My goal with these was to create timeless, simple, emotive portraits of young ladies that are classically styled. I used a combinatio of a beauty dish and natural window light. I seriously LOVE my huge window in the studio!

So I went to Value Village and Ardene and scored some great finds! Then I needed models so I had a couple of moms, each with two beautiful daughters come in to play! Some of these behind the scenes photos were taken by Sharon, thanks Sharon!!

Had a trunk of treats for the girls at the end.

Sharon working her magic on this little princess!

Sharon brought these amazing pieces!

Here are a few of my favourites. I really love the simple, pretty styling with calm, thoughtful expressions.

Love the hair and necklace by Sharon!

This little one is only 3, so was a bit of a mover with her own attitude and ideas on how things should go :-)

One of my faves! Between ages 7 and 10 is perfect for a session like this. They sure don't stay little girls like this forever.

What a trooper with the fan blowing, love her expression and the movement here!

So pretty!!

Sisters <3 These two had so much fun that afternoon.

We had some laughs and silliness as well..... are we done yet?

The icing on the cake was this sweet thank you card from the two sister above!

I feel passionate that every child should have at least one special professional portrait done over their childhood that hangs proudly in the home. It is such a wonderful experience, not to mention great for a young girl's self esteem. I am sure these little ladies will remember that fun girly afternoon for a long time!

Charlottetown Child Portrait Photographer,


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