Four times the fun

So I get an urgent email saying that they need family portraits straight away. One of their little girls had grown her hair long for Locks for Love, donating to another little girl who has Cancer. Her generous gift was being cut off Monday thus wanting to do photos before! What a beautiful thing for her to do for someone!

The extra fun part of this family is they have 2 sets of twins, just about 17 months apart. They are now at ages 3 and 4 so I knew this would be fun and I would need to work quickly!


Mom and I emailed back and forth discussing clothing options as they prefered colour in the contemporary style. So clothing choices are key. Since they all have different personalities we chose different colour that all look great together!

Love to put Mom in the centre surrounded by hubby and children!

Smith_083 bw.jpg

I like both black and white and colour!

Now for just the kiddies. Such a happy group!


After being so 'good' posing, we let them have some jumping time!



It's so clear they really love and enjoy each other!

Smith_156 AS.jpg


I think the grand finale was when Mr. Tickle Monster came out. Who can resist those naked toes?


So great when everyone has a good time!

Thanks for the opportunity to photograph you all at such a great time in your life!

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